Saturday, April 17, 2010

Donna Stoneman

I salvaged this gem from a stack of records my next door neighbor was taking to the Salvation Army. Donna Stoneman is the daughter of the legendary Ernest V. "Pop" Stoneman and was a member of the Stoneman Family country/bluegrass group that was popular in the 1960s. In the early 70s while Donna's sister Roni joined the cast of Hee Haw, I think Donna had some sort of religious conversion and toured with Cathy Manzer singing gospel music. As far as I know, this is their only record together.

The noticeable contrast in looks between these two ladies and the over-the-top graphics are both amusing--I only wish Donna had signed the front cover rather than the back. The record itself is a pleasant but bland mix of bluegrass gospel and Christian light-country-rock, with the best cuts featuring the always-spirited mandolin playing of Donna Stoneman. It’s not a bad record, but I’d rather listen to the Stoneman Family.

I've also posted a wonderful picture of Donna and her sister Roni that was taken by Leon Kagarise at the New River Ranch in 1963.


  1. Cool. I get a kick out of the pagoda-like lantern juxtaposed by the "Jesus loves you and so do I" line. I really like "spirited" to describe her mandolin, too.

  2. Brilliant observation on the lantern -- I completely missed that!