Monday, April 12, 2010

Fats Domino

Sometimes you find signed items in dollar record bins that probably wouldn't have been on sale for a dollar if the store owner or employee had noticed the autograph. This happens more often with records that are signed on the back cover, which used to be the trend back in the days before sharpies when artists signed stuff with ballpoint pens. Ballpoint pen autographs typically stand out better on the back cover where the background does not have an image on it.

I found this signed Fats Domino record in a dollar record bin in an antique store in Vienna, Virginia. The record and the cover aren't in great shape, but this is an interesting artifact, particularly since it was likely signed back when this record was new in the late 50s. Note that Fats signed his name "Antoine Fats Domino." Judging by what I've seen on eBay, I don't think he signed his full name like this very often.

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