Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Dink Embry

And now for something totally obscure. I've noticed that the lesser known an artist is, the more likely someone will stumble upon this website when searching for that artist.

Dink Embry was a country music entertainer and personality who spent most of his career in the radio business. He worked as a disc jockey at WHOP in Hopkinsville, Kentucky for over 50 years, serving as their farm director and hosting the "Early Bird Show." He was much loved in the community, receiving all sorts of awards and honors, including the title Kentucky Colonel. His only musical contribution to the Happy Day Combo album pictured above is the humorous recitation "Just Looking," but he also deserves credit for promoting his son Drury in several different places on the back cover (click to enlarge picture).

I don't know anything about The Happy Day Combo, other than what I read on the back of this LP. They worked The Kentucky Lake Amphitheater in Aurora, Kentucky in the early 1970s and their record made its way to a thrift store in Athens, Georgia where a friend of mine found it 12 years ago. The Embrys (Dink and Drury) and The Moseleys (Jim and Gayle) comprised the core of the band and were led by vocalist Ross Sisk. The guitar player Gayle Moseley is surprisingly talented, adeptly playing in the difficult styles of Chet Atkins ("Black Mountain Rag") and Joe Maphis ("Chicken Leg"), and I'm sure he was highly regarded in the Aurora area and anywhere else he played. I'm not sure if and how Gayle is related to harmonica player Jim Moseley, who is also quite skilled at his instrument.

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