Thursday, December 23, 2010

Ralph Stanley

I mailed this 1971 Rebel LP out to Ralph Stanley's mountain home in Southwestern Virginia in March of 2010 and received it back yesterday. I don't really think I could ask for a better looking Ralph Stanley autograph. The LP cover has a nice design, the signature is clean and bold, and it has perfect placement. In general, I wish Ralph didn't sign his name with a "Dr." in front of it, but he has done this ever since he received an honorary Doctorate of Music from Lincoln Memorial University in Harrogate, Tennessee back in 1976. I assume that every Ralph Stanley autograph signed with a sharpie says "Dr." on it.

My friend John and I went on a road trip to McClure, Virginia in the summer of 2008. After touring the Ralph Stanley Museum in Clintwood, we drove six or seven miles up a windy mountain road to pay our respects to Carter Stanley at the Stanley family plot on Smith Ridge. As you can see from the photographs, Ralph's own resting spot is already designated. Before we left the area, we stopped at the gate of Ralph's modest ranch house and rang the buzzer, but no one answered.


  1. Nice signature! That was a fun day-- I wish that we had run into him at the museum or outside his house (of course, running into his grandson down the hill was interesting too). So weird that it took so long for him to return it!

  2. Would you mind passing along the address you sent your LP to? I would love to send mine off in the hopes that he would sign it. Thanks for any help you can be.

    1. Do you still have the address that you mailed the LP record to Dr. Stanley? I have two older B & W pictures that I'd like for him to sign if so. Thanks. Joey

  3. Hi Jason,

    I sent you an email. Good luck!


  4. Do you still have Dr. Stanleys address avaliable? I have 2 older b & w photos that I'd like for him to sign if so. Thank you in advance. Joseph