Monday, November 7, 2011

J.D. Crowe & Tony Rice

J.D. Crowe and Tony Rice signed this great bluegrass record for me backstage at the Birchmere in 2008. This cover is the second one made for this album and it is the one that most people are familiar with. The first cover has a hilarious photograph of the band with J.D. slyly sticking up his middle finger. When I pulled this record out for J.D and Tony to sign, they both recalled the original cover and had a good laugh over it.


  1. I waited around around for Mr. Rice after a Birchmere performance and found him to be one of the nicest men I had ever met. A true Icon. I only wish I could have had the chance to see him sing. By the way I love your blog! I'm glad somebody also loves the good music!

  2. Yeah, Tony is a really friendly guy and a class act all the way around. The only times I got to hear him sing were when he was brought on stage by the Seldom Scene. Thanks for the nice comments about the blog.