Sunday, February 7, 2010

Mike's Rules of Etiquette

1. Never ask an artist to sign more than three items. Asking artists to sign a stack of 15 LPs or CD covers is obnoxious to fellow fans and disrespectful to the artist who a.) wants to meet other folks and b.) doesn’t want to be exploited for your monetary gain.
2. Never show up outside a venue for a show you did not attend and ask for an autograph.
3. Never collect autographs for the sake of adding to your collection; you should admire and respect the artists that you ask to sign stuff for you.
4. Once you get your item(s) signed, thank the artist and leave his or her immediate presence, allowing other fans to have their time with the artist. If the artist wants to continue talking with you, he or she will walk over to you later.


  1. Etiquette question: Is it ever appropriate to rub off a freshly applied signature and to return the same record to the artist to resign in a different position?

  2. That is improper etiquette, but it makes for a funny story. The performer in question was guilty of improper etiquette himself that night.

  3. What if the performer is enamored with you and does not want you to leave his or her presence?

  4. I'm not sure. I've yet to see that happen!