Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Ray Price

Ray Price signed this for me in the late 90s after a show at the Birchmere Music Hall in Alexandria, Virginia. His voice has held up nicely over the years and he put on an outstanding show. Another Bridge to Burn is not my favorite album cover (or song), but it's nicer looking than many of Ray's other albums and there's plenty of light-colored space for an autograph. I think the best cover for signing is his first LP Ray Price Sings Heart Songs.


  1. While I think that this cover is -technically- a good one for a signature, I would have perhaps even opted instead for the first greatest hits cover (with nudie suit, but not one that was electronically rechanneled for stereo, an cover-uglifying sales ploy that that probably deserves its own posting elsewhere). I would have even instead opted for the "night life" cover with a silver or some other colored sharpie to create contrast.

    this cover, while -technically- superior for placing a signature, just does not honor ray price to me. should we begin with the rather uncomfortable looking facial expression or the hideous fonts?

  2. The Ray Price Sings Heart Songs LP is a very similar picture to the one on the Greatest Hits LP. I think the former is a better cover since it's his first LP and it isn't a repackaging of songs. That said, I agree that the Greatest Hits cover is better than this one. On the positive side: at least he's wearing a cowboy suit and not a sweater or a turtleneck or a tuxedo, which he wears on most of his LPs. Another decent cover is one called The Same Old Me, which was exclusively a record club offering.