Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Richie Havens

Out of all the 60s legends I've seen perform live, Richie Havens probably sounds the most like he did forty years ago. He has the same voice, the same frenetic strumming style, and he sings about the same issues--remaining true to his ideals throughout his lengthy career. I got a chance to see Richie at the legendary and tiny Greenwich Village night club The Bitter End as part of a special barely-advertised Earth Day show and it almost felt as if I were witnessing a classic Bitter End show from an earlier era.

This particular record was signed on a snowy February night at the Barns of Wolf Trap about five years ago. You may notice that this is the MGM reissue of Richie's 1967 debut; the original Verve LP does not have the Woodstock banner. I would prefer that this copy didn't have the banner either, but the autograph looks so nice that I really can't complain.

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