Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Porter Wagoner

I got these two Porter Wagoner records signed backstage at Joe's Pub in New York City on March 30, 2007. After the show, I wrote up this short review and posted it on a guitar forum:

Tonight I had the incredible opportunity to see Porter Wagoner backed by Marty Stuart at Joe's Pub in New York City. My wife and I got there early and grabbed a seat right in front of the stage. I had a couple records with me I was hoping to get signed, so I asked the guy in charge if Porter would be signing autographs after the show. This guy unbelievably brought me to a small back stage room to meet Porter and Marty. I shook hands with them and they were as friendly as can be. I was particularly taken with how nice, down to earth, and cool Marty Stuart is. He basically treated me like a good friend, even though we had just met.

Porter's show was one of the most touching shows I have seen. He played a great set: Satisfied Mind, Dooley, I'll Go Down Swinging, Green Green Grass of Home, Rubber Room (!), Cold Hard Facts of Life, and more. Porter was really enjoying himself, as was Marty. I gather that Porter didn't know what to expect coming to New York City after all these years. He ended up absolutely loving it.

At the end of the show, Porter and Marty came on for an encore. Porter didn't need his guitar for the song and there was no guitar stand. He handed the guitar to Marty who had nowhere to put the guitar so, recognizing me from before, he reached across the stage to my table and asked me to hold the guitar. So, I sat through the encore (I'll Go Down Swinging) holding Porter Wagoner's guitar. After the song, I gave Marty back the guitar and he shook my hand, giving me his guitar pick in the process as a token of thanks. This was a moment I won't forget.


  1. Very cool story. I had never heard that one. I can't believe Porter Wagoner still gets around in a day and age when Marty Stuart is even considered an old timer. He is still playing Rubber Room?! You promised me to post Larry Sparks soon. Did you ever get Sleepy LaBeef's autograph? I can think of some other gems I know you have waiting on the sidelines that I don't want to spoil by mentioning them here.

  2. Well, I doubt Porter is playing Rubber Room in heaven, but who knows. You know he died in 2007, right? Once I get a better Larry Sparks autograph, I'll post the one I already have along with the new one. I don't have a signed LP from Sleepy, unfortunately, just an 8x10.